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About SPMS
About SPMS

Special Drives

IIT / MBBS Foundation Course

With the growing competition, it is very difficult to endeavor to excel in any field that the student may opt for later in his life. There is a need for proper guidance and training for all those students who are desirous of gaining that extra competitive edge that will enable them to perform better.

We at St. Peter’s firmly believe that inquisitiveness of a child must be encouraged. This helps in understanding the fundamentals & thus develops a genuine interest in the subjects. IIT/MBBS foundation course is to make the student understand and master basic concepts in the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The program also helps the child face various talent search exams like NTSE, NLSTSE, Science, Math and Cyber Olympiads.

Recent trends suggest that the student who starts preparing early is at a distinct advantage. So the course starts right from class VI, up to IX is integrated with school curriculum.

The main features of the course include:

  • Excellent study material prepared by expert teachers from different publishers.
  • Well trained and experienced faculty.
  • Well designed worksheets.
  • Additional information on various topics that help students perform better in competitive exams.
  • Assignments during vacations.
  • Model–making competitions that encourages practical learning.
  • Term-wise examinations and performance assessments.
  • Certificates on completion of course.
  • Special prizes for class toppers (IIT).

We encourage students to equip themselves with more skills of handling the academic challenges.

Students are encouraged to take part in the National and International competitive exams, the International Math Olympiad and the Science Olympiad etc.


The laboratories are well equipped and spacious where equipment of the highest standards are made available to the students. Annual Science exhibitions make the students explore and experiment the theory. It also gives them an opportunity to display their skills.

Science Lab

At SPMS the art of science is explored, experimented and practiced in the Science Lab. It is equipped with resources meant for Biology, Physics and Chemistry for the three organizational units of the school viz., Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary students.

Students enjoy doing fun experiments, science fair ideas, organic/inorganic chemical handling and analysis, electrical and electronic component usage, magical power of magnets, light characteristics, life science activities.

Math Lab

Mathematics is foreseen by most of the students as a difficult subject. But with the concept of interactive learning the math lab helps the students to discover and verify geometrical properties and facts enable lateral thinking, and provides greater scope for individual participation in the process of learning. Our math lab instills interest and confidence in students to learn math.

Social Studies Lab

The Social Studies Lab creates an insight of the past, present and future. The lab is well equipped with a variety of working models like solar system, wind mill etc. A number of maps and CDs make studies easier and interesting.

Computer Lab

Learning Computer Science is part of our Academic Curriculum. Three computer labs with 24*7 internet connection is made available to students and teachers for reference and learning. More than 120 computers of latest configuration, hardware and software are upgraded from time to time.

Student Health Checkup

Regular medical camps are held especially by dentists, ENTs and general physicians once a year so that any problem identified can be rectified by proper treatment.

Grievance Redressal

A Grievance / redressal officer is appointed for any grievances of Parents/Students under Mrs.Anuradha and Mr.Narender

A Sexual Harrassment committee works under the head of Mrs.K Sandhya and Mr.Sudhakar