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About SPMS
About SPMS


The Secondary School, comprised of VI-X Standard emphasizes a program dedicated to academic excellence. An environment that is both academically stimulating and challenging is provided, thus giving the child an appreciation for intellectual endeavors.

Small classes are offered realizing that each child can best achieve his or her potential within an academic program attuned to his or her individual needs. We also strive to encourage a sense of self-discipline in regard to study & work habits and character development.

Stress is laid on preparing students for their prescribed curriculum. Result oriented training by skilled faculty is imparted to students who target their desired success.

At the Class X level, students undergo an Intensive Coaching (I.C.) for achieving top grades. Value education, personality development and coping with peer pressure are stressed upon.

Remedial classes in all subjects are held the year through to enable average students to come up to the level of their respective classes.