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About SPMS
About SPMS


The Primary School comprises of Standards I-V. SPMS' primary school is vibrant committed to nurturing and challenging young minds and bodies in an atmosphere that fosters a lifelong commitment to learning.

With the phenomenon of audio-visual learning, imparting all round education to the age group of students ranging from 5 to 10 becomes a stupendous task. We have managed to overcome these hurdles by realizing that the fundamental key to understanding theses children is by creating a comfort zone for them wherein positive interaction, maximum connectivity and open mindedness are the basis for development.

Total commitment by our teaching staff plays a vital role. Their determination and dedication is unwavering. Emphasis is laid on developing the creativity of the child. He/she is encouraged to assert individuality.

Our curriculum is so designed that it is appropriate for our young inquiring minds to achieve towards development of mind, body and soul. The text books prescribed and used by are fully implemented and lead to integrated learning.

This is the age of inquisitiveness, which is positively channeled into learning outcomes. The students who have some difficulty in understanding concepts are given reinforced different dimensional learning enabling them to cope with the given syllabi.

Learning at the primary level cannot be confined to specific parameters. Our basic aim is to equip a child with life skills and objectives so that his/her thirst for knowledge never ends.