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About SPMS
About SPMS


SPMS Library resources and services are a vital part of every student's continuous learning experience. SPMS has a library and three reading rooms.

The SPMS Library is one of the most popular areas on our campus! The library strives to serve the informational, recreational and educational needs of students and faculty.

Most importantly, students are encouraged to inculcate the habit of reading books irrespective of their class. This habit is developed through reading, hands on activities, author and illustrator visits and a reading club.

SPMS houses approximately 11000 volumes, which includes non-fiction and fiction collections and an audiovisual collection, 2000 books and 1000 reference books. In addition to a large selection of literature and reference materials, the library also has videos and DVDs, 11 periodicals, 3 dailies, weekly and monthly newspapers, 15 magazines, journals, poetry, drama, dictionaries, encyclopedias, classics, electronic databases, e-books and a variety of music.

The resource books are divided into the pre-primary, primary and secondary level.

Professional and educational periodicals are available for our faculty and parents may come and make use of the parenting and childcare subscriptions.

SPMS’ experienced librarians introduce students to library skills starting in the kindergarten and provide research instruction and services as students get older.

In the primary and secondary schools the library also serves as a valuable study space. Many students come to the library for quiet work throughout the day. There are small group conference rooms and a library classroom that can be reserved in advance for group work.

The staff/faculty has full freedom to utilize the library to the maximum.