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About SPMS
About SPMS

Extra - Curriculum

Activities Conducted

Weekly activity classes are conducted where the students learn Karate, Yoga, Chess, Skating, Music, Craft, and Dancing etc. The student can opt for any one of these activities.

SPMS’, faculty and administrators recognize that some of life’s most important and lasting lessons are learned outside of the classroom.

At SPMS, the role of extracurricular involvement is the key in an individual’s development. Not only do students have a significant amount of leisure time at their disposal, but there is considerable evidence to indicate that how they spend their free time has important implications for both short-term and long-term development. SPMS makes its students realize this need and incurs in them the participation and enjoyment through it.

SPMS’ affluent extracurricular offerings provide passages for students to cherish and cultivate their existing talents and explore new ones, while making friends with students who share their interests. With programs in the arts, sports and clubs, SPMS students have a huge number of extracurricular options that are not only fun, but also serve to develop confidence and build leadership and teamwork skills.

At SPMS, students learn very early to concentrate, prioritize and maneuver for their upcoming class tests, train for games and matches, and allocate time for the contest they have signed up for, as well as practice music instruments.

Our students take pride in a job well done, however small it may be. The school provides rich opportunities for extracurricular pursuits. Students find their forte and at the same time enjoy exploring unfamiliar domain. In this progression, without them being aware of it, a special feature of their personality emerges and is honed.

The list, the students of SPMS take part in but not limited to be:

Clubs Arts
Nature Dramatics Club
English Art Club
Math Music Club
Social Studies


The School has various clubs which meets every Saturday afternoon – like Science club, Social club, English club, Eco club and Health & Wellness club.

Regular Celebrations are done during festival times like Diwali play, Christmas play etc. National festivals like Independence and Republic Day are celebrated. Annual Days and Sports Day are held on a grand scale where many children are given an opportunity to show their talent. Many children enjoy their program and rake an active part.

Nature Club- The Nature Club of SPMS undertakes numerous activities with a view to make students sensitive to the issues of nature, importance of environment conservation and its role.

English Club- The SPMS English Club provides an excellent opportunity for students who are interested in Essay Writing, Debates, Elocution, JAM Sessions and Current Events.

By preparing for competitions conducted by the English club, students learn to

  • communicate well and develop teamwork
  • know the art of persuasion
  • research, analyze and strategize complex issues
  • manage contentions into persuasive situations
  • defend a point using reason and evidence
  • think independently and speak in public
  • talk about the issues facing our country and our world.

Math Club- Mathematics is foreseen by most of the students as a difficult subject. But with the interactive learning and concepts it helps the students to discover and verify geometrical properties and facts enable lateral thinking, and provides greater scope for individual participation in the process of learning. It instills interest and confidence in students to learn and enjoy math.

Social Studies Club- The Social Studies Club creates an insight of the past, present and future. The club is well equipped with a variety of working models like solar system, wind mill etc. A number if maps and CDs make studies easier. Students discuss a lot of things including geography and physical aspects around the globe.

Science Club- The Science Club at SPMS offers a practical science curriculum enhancement program designed to identify scientific model and skills through practical activities. The emphasis is on problem solving and collaborative team work, with topic-based sessions building on the historic context of scientific development. Students are challenged with practical problems, shown past solutions, and supported in turning existing activities into conceptual knowledge.


It serves as a meeting place for the students interested or involved with the arts. Students gather at their interest points like the Dram Club, Arts & Painting Club, Music Club etc.

Interested students who opt for music are provided with instructors and music instrument such as keyboard and guitar.

Usually Arts & Painting Club is a place where our adolescent is at one’s own imaginative & innovative world. Students are provided with all necessary gear by the school and are encouraged to showcase their talent at the Arts Gallery across the city and beyond.

Plays and dramatization interests everyone but very few at this level desire to perform it with a zeal. The School has three dramatics clubs - English, Hindi and Telugu which encourages students in all aspects and helps them to eradicate any stage fear and perform their art of act.