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About SPMS
About SPMS


Classes are conducted from Kindergarten to X; which are divided into three organizational units.

  • Pre-Primary : Kindergarten
  • Primary : I – V
  • Secondary : VI – X

Each class may be divided into sections namely ‘A’, ‘B’, and so on depending on the class strength. Rather than following the system of streaming the students according to their performance, they are randomly divided into sections.

SPMS follows a five and a half day week consisting of 9 periods (each period of 45 minutes) each day from Monday through Friday and 4 periods on Saturday.

The overall student/teacher ratio is 1:30 and the average strength of a class is around 30 students. The teachers are assigned classrooms, while the students are designated a classroom section.

In some special cases (E.g.: second language being inter-mixed within sections of same class), students might have be clubbed and taught in a non-designated classroom.

The 15 minute break between second and third period will facilitate the students to prepare for the rest of periods for the day, use the utilities and also have some refreshments at their will.

The 35 minute break between fourth and fifth period can be utilized to have lunch and play some outdoor games, or utilize the library.

  • A thematic approach is designed to stimulate the children through various interactive sessions and activities.
  • An extensive use of technology aids to supplement classroom teaching.
  • Project work lays emphasis in developing a strong sense of individuality.


Ms. Elizabeth Thanam

Co-Curricular Activities