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About SPMS
About SPMS


As we begin to countdown to SPMS’ Anniversary, we are reminded of all the Alumni who have walked through the various halls over the past years, so many different stories and memories have been created here!

With each year the Alumni family expands further and the school now has a thriving family of more than 500 global citizens who have taken their education and become amazing contributors to society.

As the community grows and evolves we appreciate that, thanks to technology, Alumni from all reaches of the globe can immediately connect to each other. Through e-mails and even Orkut, Facebook and Twitter, SPMS Alums are in touch all the time and in multiple ways.

Thanks to this invariable connection our school has never been more energetic and we encourage Alumni from all years to stay in touch as we celebrate our past, present and futures together.

Whether it has been ten days, or ten years, it is never too late to be in touch! This part of the year is all about celebrating our stories so make sure to get involved today!