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About SPMS
About SPMS

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Thank you for your interest in SPMS! We welcome and encourage you to please check the "Admission Calendar" page before you plan to apply.

The advantages of using SPMS’ Online Admission System are:

  • It is easy, fast and secure process.
  • Confirmation that the form has been received.
  • The system helps by checking for errors.
  • There is no risk that the application will get lost.
  • You can monitor your application and check its progress.
  • Details on the application can be changed right up until the closing date.
  • The system has a series of security procedures which will prevent anyone seeing information they are not entitled to see.
  • Applications can be made at any time – 24 * 7, up until the closing dates.

Please note that the descending order in box is the sequential steps to successfully process an admission at SPMS.

If you have any problems using the online process, please contact us at

Contact Admissions Office

Phone: 040-27174681
Fax: 040-27173160