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About SPMS
About SPMS

Support SPMS

Few ways you can support the school and our society are:

Science Club

A Science club started in 2013-14 called Scibees where experience Reason and Knowledge is the motto. This club meets regularly and designs new practical projects.

Guest Lecture

You can enrich our students with the latest updates of this world if you know something of importance or have latest information. Irrespective from where you are - industries or top institutions, you are always welcome to provide precious information to our students.

Helping out a Club

Individuals are always welcome to give a helping hand to upgrade the clubs with information or conduct competitions/giving inputs according to their specific field of expertise.


If one can resolve to prevent accumulating and start the considerably more serious and tricky task of clever distribution, any number of calamities (natural and human) can be overcome. Charity towards the poor, old-age home and needy by joining hands with the school is always welcomed.


Importance is given in bringing about awareness and solutions for curbing pollution and how trees play a vital part in preserving our eco system. Whether it's the planting of a tree for local bird nesting or the creation of a butterfly garden, each small decision is a step in the right direction for preserving the natural beauty of our country.

All these contribute to the health of the entire surrounding ecosystem. The result is lower consumption of electricity, cleaner natural water supplies and yards that are home to birds and butterflies.

Support special events

Parents of both current and alumni students have the invaluable opportunity to get involved in the school’s special events by participating, extending their helping hand by taking photographs, help in printing & distributing invitations, providing stalls etc. Consequently create a chance to form new friendships amongst other parents and faculty.

If you’re alum, parent, parent of alum, or a friend of the school and are interested in joining, please contact Mrs. Hema at 040-27177581.

SPMS' Vigour

Part of what makes SPMS strong is the energy and creativity of its volunteers. Their time, talent, energy, and enthusiasm bring vibrancy to the school.

We encourage you to find your own way to become involved, be it large or small.